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Impulse decorated

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Monica's passion, decorator by profession, for interior design is overwhelming and contagious; you just have to cross the threshold of the door of your house - located in a central Madrid neighborhood- to perceive it and almost feel it. Collectively show a house that could be summarized as familiar, cozy and lived, although with a difficult style to define. Faithful reflection of your tastes, impulses and personality, the decoration is governed by a severe eclecticism of amazing results.
An old slatted parquet base, high ceilings with moldings and white walls welcomes this refined look of insinuating vintage touches based on exquisite legacy pieces, antiques acquired in almonedas or antiques and marked design complements. Another of the great hobbies of the owner is to travel, discover new worlds, customs and interesting pieces that she usually brings back as a souvenir and integrate into her house with incredible harmony.
That is precisely what she boasts, of the ease with which pieces of origin and style so different find their place in their house as if they had been there for a lifetime. A peculiar decoration that - still formed by multiple objects - moves away from the rigorous order imposed by valuable antiques. Here we find the opposite, warm and very familiar environments where children, educated from childhood to live and respect art, are undisputed protagonists.

Advertising - Keep reading under Mix of styles in the lounge

The living area communicates with a spacious terrace furnished and decorated to enjoy it throughout the year; Thanks to her, the delicious eclecticism of the room is enriched by the abundant entry of light. Carpet, from The Rug Company for BSB. The trunks are old pieces of Louis Vuitton and Hermés. Tizio table lamp, by Artemide.

Heat of home

The option of highlighting the fireplace was to contemplate it as a decorative element, as well as as a source of heat. Its polished cement exterior sports a modern design with straight edges that is completed with a bench at medium height and the traditional marble shelf, an excellent showcase of curiosities. Fireplace designed by Iván Yllera.

Know how to mix pieces

The decoration of a lifetime carried out with great care is perceived throughout the house. In the living room chairs of diverse origin, disparate paintings and geometric patterns coexist in harmony; as a conductive thread, the two sofas, upholstered in plain tones, become a safe bet. Carpet, from The Rug Company for BSB. Lamp, by Santa & Cole.

Step into the dining room In the dining room, everything fits

Endowed with a clear classic inspiration, the dining room welcomes with open arms designer chairs, among others, inherited and a pair of modern hanging lamps. A magnificent composition of old photos successfully completes the atmosphere. Chairs model Globus, of Stua. Legacy armchairs Carpet, from The Rug Company for BSB.

Color in the kitchen

In the kitchen it is demonstrated, with style, how a hand of paint or a well-chosen complement can give another air to the space. Here, the basic white premium on floor, furniture and appliances; that is why the blue sea of ​​the wall and the chandelier above the dining room renew the overall appearance. Lamp, similar in Laura Ashley.

The distribution of the kitchen

The generous kitchen space was organized so that the center would be clear; right there was a daily dining room, with the classic bacon table and old chairs painted white to integrate them into the environment. Colored glasses, from Alquitara.

The children's room

In the children's bedroom the same eclectic line that mixes pieces of syrup with other design was maintained. Highlights the original colored ceiling lamp and two nice bullfighter hoods, miniature, gift for children, who decorate the wall. Lamp, of Fissure. Carpet, from KP.

A spacious and functional bathroom

A decorated mirror, reminiscent of Venetians, presides over the bathroom of the little ones; It is also equipped with a retro sink, three identical niches for toothbrushes.

An original towel rail

In the children's bathroom, a gym trellis as before used as a towel rail.

The master bedroom with space for everyone

Seriousness is outside the parents' bedroom; Here a large headboard presides over the room and acts at the same time as a panel to expose the children's drawings. Why not? Headboard upholstered with a Ybarra & Serret fabric. Carpet, from KP.

The main bathroom

The main bathroom is perhaps the most functional space in the whole house. Stresses the wonderful travertine marble used in the floor, sink and lining of the bathtub; the walls were painted white to lighten the whole. Aspas model taps, from Grohe.

Very personal decoration

In the master bedroom there are many personal winks exposed with great grace, such as the kimono hanging from the wall lamp. Chairs acquired in an antique shop and upholstered with a colorful butterfly fabric, from Becara.

Decorative details

Balenciaga shoes, owned by the owner's grandmother, have gone from being garments to becoming decorative elements.

Plane and decorative ideas

A unique decoration
-The resources used in the interior design of the home go beyond traditional ornaments or textiles. Pieces of singular beauty and origin add to the memories and personal objects as decorative elements in charge of putting that special and personal note.
-The presence of three young children in the family marked the decoration of the house. Far from turning it into an exhibition, each piece and each piece of furniture are accessible to children, educated in respect for art. His seal is also evident thanks to his drawings.