The Spice Girl Mel B sells her house with a pool in Hollywood

The Spice Girl Mel B sells her house with a pool in Hollywood

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After being part of the iconic musical group, Spice Girls, active from 1994 to the mid-2000s, Mel B became world famous. The first album they brought to light, Spice, became number 1 in 17 countries, selling 30 million copies worldwide.

However, after the disappearance of the band, Mel B did not stop and continued his solo artistic career as a singer, actress, writer, and jury of the program X Factor in the United Kingdom and Australia, and of America's Got Talent.

The artist, recently divorced from the film director Stephen Belafonte, with whom he had acquired this mansion in West Hollywood, has decided to put it on sale for approximately 5,200,000 euros. We show it to you!

Located in the neighborhood of Bird Streets, known for its spectacular views and for the celebrities Inhabiting it (such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston and Keanu Reeves), the house was built in 1928, but was recently renovated.

Designed under an elegant and contemporary style, the mansion stands out for its six-meter windows that look to Los Angeles. The Agency The Agency The Agency The Agency

With a total of four bedrooms and six bathrooms, the fourth floor is dedicated body and soul to the master suite, including two bathrooms, two dressing rooms, two private terraces, and two televisions. Come on, ideal for couples who need yes or yes their own space in the house. The suite also has a fridge and microwave, for those lazy Sundays where you don't feel like moving out of bed…

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On the main floor are the living room, dining room, kitchen, a recording studio, a complete gym, a cinema, a games room, and a family room.

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Outside, the terrace leads to a pool with spa, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, television, and plenty of guest rooms.

In addition, the house has technology smart, and a four-seater garage.

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And now, it's time to stick a little dance noventero!

Information: Courtesy of Top Ten Real Estate Deals.