Chocolate cocktail and white Martini, delicious temptation

Chocolate cocktail and white Martini, delicious temptation

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The original is black cocoa and its creation is attributed to Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor while filming the movie Giant. The two drank martinis and loved chocolate, so they decided to add it to Martini vodka. What better way to enjoy the cold winter days than with this sweet and creamy cocktail.

- 240 ml of cream
-150 g of white chocolate
- 85 g icing sugar
- 85 ml of water
- 100 ml of chocolate vodka
- Dark chocolate syrup to decorate

Cool the cups in the freezer. Heat the cream until it boils, remove from heat and add the chopped chocolate and stir until it melts; let cool.

Heat water along with the sugar until dissolved. Pour the vodka into a shaker, add the cold syrup and the chocolate mixture and stir well.

Take out the glasses from the fridge to decorate. Put the syrup in a spiral around the cup taking care that it does not fall inside. Add the mixture and serve.

To accompany it ... A VERY SWEET SNACK

Surprise your guests with these mini biscuits Beat 3 eggs with 200 g of sugar, pour 125 g of olive oil and mix. Add 75 g of cream and one
knife of vanilla aroma and mix. Add 200 g of sifted flour and 12 g of
yeast. Add raisins to the dough. Put in glasses and bake 13 min. at 220º C.

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