A beautiful attic recently renovated attic in Santander

A beautiful attic recently renovated attic in Santander

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David Montero

A young woman looks for her first house, has been browsing and clicking for a while without finding anything that interests her. But one day, without knowing very well how, discover the website of the Aedificare studio. His Selfmade Aedificare section, with his motto "Buy a flat ready to live as you want", conquers it. "That same night I already sent you an e-mail," he tells us. "I was looking for a brand new apartment, with a style that I liked."

And on its website I saw finished homes, renovated to the last detail by their ÆTEAM, as they like to be called, that stood out for their current aesthetics and good design. What is now his house, a attic and central attic, of 45 m2, in Santander, is one of his projects. The study tells us about the previous state of the house and the reform: “it was a dark space, almost without natural light”.

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The living room is for the owner of this attic your refuge when you return home. With sloping ceilings and upholstered walls it is extra warm without losing an iota of style. Few furniture, but with good design, and a carpet in full color, are enough for this space of a few meters to be personal and waste sophistication.

Sofa bed, by Maisons du Monde. Cushions, by Gancedo. Armchair and coffee table, from DecadesXX. About this, accessories, Zara Home, and bouquet, Flores Lucrecia. Side tables, of Comodé Furniture. Carpet by Javier Velarde. Interior design, from the Aedificare studio.


After the renovation of the apartment, the dining room is located almost in the center of it; in an area of ​​constant passage between the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom, separated by a glazed partition. A full success of the deco: choose the table with circular shape to make the circulation more fluid.

The chairs come from Feira da Ladra, the popular, and oldest, market in Lisbon. Mesa by Ikea.

A NEW FACE David Montero

The impeccable image that this attic looks now is due in large part to the total renovation of the coatings. The marked contrast of white and gray on walls and ceiling, together with the new clear floor with a worn-out patina, make up an elegant and timeless base to develop the interior design project designed for the young woman who would live in the house.

The original pendant lamp, with multiple lampshades from other works executed by Aedificare, is a design of the studio, which had the collaboration of Technical Light for its installation. Classic laminate floor, in bleached teak, Quick-Step.

SLOW RHYTHM David Montero

The gallery of the house, previously forgotten, is today a recovered space that offers the owner those moments of relaxation so necessary to disconnect from everything. On the weekends, in broad daylight, it is a delicious corner, which is cozy with a new lattice and the roller blind of thin bamboo.

Silla, from El Rastro de Madrid. Clothing, from Ceca to Mecca.


The ultra-clear dining room decoration spreads natural light and makes it appear wider. This demolition sensation also contributes to the demolition of the original ceiling - of which the beams are maintained - to gain height in this area, and the opening that connects it to the gallery and prolongs the visual perspective.

On the console, skull and pig, from Comodé Furniture. Plate, by Paul Fuentes. On the table, arrangement, by Flores Lucrecia, and accessories, by Doméstica Santander.


The interior design studio resorted to color to visually delimit the room's environments and introduce, at the same time, focal points that energize the decoration.

Kitchen furniture, from OB Kitchens, in laminated gloss, with marble countertop. Griffin, by Franke. Azulejos, from Complementto, in Lostal. Cactus, from Commode Furniture.

David Montero KITCHEN WITH FEW METERS David Montero

In them, a balanced distribution between the countertop surface - necessary to prepare food - and cooking and water areas is essential. Faucet and sink are from Franke.

GREAT IDEA David Montero

The bedroom is separated from the living room by a glass enclosure, lighter than a traditional partition. This has a golden reflex glass that, Aedificare points out, “according to the time of day and lighting, it becomes a mirror that multiplies the space almost without realizing it”.

Swallows, painted by Alfonso Piñeiro. In the kitchen, kitchenware and spices, by Doméstica Santander.

TO RAUDALES David Montero

The glass wall and doors were designed to divide the diaphanous floor of the attic, but its look introduces a plus of design, which brings uniqueness to the space. In addition, it allows natural light to flow without encountering obstacles. In harmony with the wood, several bamboo roller blinds provide privacy to the bedroom when necessary.

Wall designed by Aedificare and made by Carpintería La Nogalera.

OWN STYLE David Montero

Two steamy gauze curtains separate the sleeping area from the dressing room and east of the bathroom. Its effect in the bedroom: they give the environment a more feminine air and do not recharge the space. Without partitions, with a larger opening than any door, the room gains visual depth and circulation is fluid.

The clothes come from the shop De la Ceca a la Meca.


The owner wanted for her bedroom a serene decoration, which would favor rest. Therefore, the study incorporated the environment, where white is dominant, natural tones and textures; and opted to give maximum importance to the headboard wall. To do this, he recovered the original brick from the wall of the house's wall and created a large grid of varnished pine, which acts as a frame for a panel of wood chips.

Cushions, by Gancedo. Duvet cover, quilt and plaid, Zara Home.


"After the immaculate white of the whole house we find a little chromatic surprise," they say from Aedificare. They refer to the pink glass mosaic that wraps around this space. In contrast, a vibrant red duo - glass washer and circular mirror - has a huge visual impact.

Basin, from Regia. Grifo, from Nobili. Vitreous mosaic, by Hisbalit. The vintage mirror was rescued by the studio in one of his works. Towels, from Zara Home.

IDEAS FOR COPYING: Custom designs David Montero

They are the solution for “difficult” spaces to which they provide their own style, without reducing their useful space. Here, the maxi headboard-panel, designed by Aedificare, centers the position of the bed, to which it provides an extra dose of warmth. Bedside tables, by Maisons du Monde.


A light tone has that effect, but it also influences the direction of the slats. In this attic they run parallel to the facade so that the plant looks longer. Laminate Classic, in bleached teak, from Quick-Step.


Choose pieces that you like. Starting the morning with an ideal breakfast set is a formula happy at your fingertips. Ceramics, from Domestic Santander. Arrangement, by Flores Lucrecia.


Animate the deco with a mix of cushions. The secret of a chic combination is that at least one is spectacular. Like the one made with geometric velvet Rails, by Gancedo.

| Hearst Infographic

"The first thing that was done was a total demolition of partitions and ceilings, obtaining a diaphanous space and accessing the booths of the building, to gain height in the lounge area, and thus reach the total space." Since then, the attic is transformed into a new home, where each decision is aimed at ensuring that the circulation is fluid and that the light does not find obstacles, all with the aim of visually expanding the space.

Walls, ceilings and beams are left blank, a laminate with white patina is installed and a glazed partition is chosen to divide the plant into two areas: day and night, although the visual perception is that it is clear.Other keys of the project They focused on giving their own style to the house, differentiating it. Aedificare aims, among others, the chromatic game created in the kitchen; its area is, in fact, the entrance of the house, so the first impression should be positive. "The contrast between the turquoise of the furniture with a pink tile makes us want to see more." As we proceed, he continues, "the view is directed only towards the ceiling of the dining room, in which the exposed beams have been used to lift a cloud of vintage tulips with an adjustable light, which at night becomes a rain of tulips".

Already in the living area, three elements "invite us to stay a little longer": the gray-gray wall, the attic ceiling and the carpet, make it an ultra cozy space. The use of wood contributes to this feeling of refuge, which is present in the living-dining room-kitchen, and also in the bedroom. In it, a pine headboard surprises with its large dimensions and warm effect. The result of this reform fulfilled the dreams of its young owner: comfort, design, light and functionality.

Realization: Cristina Rodríguez Goitia