A 50 m² flat with a handmade decoration

A 50 m² flat with a handmade decoration

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Proper distribution and wise choice of colors, furniture and decorative objects They transform a house into a home. Take this as an example apartment Inhabited by Adeline, her husband Cédric and their two-year-old son, Ulysse. Its 50 m² well distributed they have a living room open to the kitchen and a small hallway that leads to the master bedroom, the children's room and the bathroom. The condition of penthouse subtracted height to the ceilings in certain areas. To level them, they placed wooden slats, which treated or not, gave the environment warmth. Winning in mobility, light and space were the great challenges that the couple successfully solved.

As for the furniture, the couple designed practical storage systems, that they commissioned to make to measure, while the retro pieces They found them in charities and markets. The decoration has the Adeline seal, a craftlover who put his knowledge of origami and his passion for Japanese fabrics and paper at the service of his home and the store that bears his name, www.adelineklam.com. His house is a commitment to creativity.

Advertising - Keep reading below Vintage design in the living room

The roof covering, in untreated wood, brings a warm touch. As furniture, a pair of Scandinavian armchairs and a coffee table, from the 50s, were found in the Paris street market of La Porte de Vanves. A triptych of ancient kimonos decorates the living room wall. Garlands of confetti on hand-dyed paper, by Sophie Cuvelier. Japanese paper pompoms, from Adeline Klam.

A custom shelf

The decoration handmade It is mixed with retro pieces found in antique dealers and markets. Simple wooden boxes of different sizes, painted and lined with Japanese paper, form the original wall composition signed by Adeline. Placed on the two-seater Scandinavian sofa, this construction serves as a mini-shelf to place small decorative objects.

In the hall, a wall lamp lined

In the hallway that leads to the bedrooms a white bench was arranged that contrasts with the multi-colored coat rack. Above it stands a wall sconce lined with Japanese paper by the owner of the house; She customizes them and sells them in her Parisian shop. Wall light (from € 59) and cushion, also by Adeline Klam. Bags, from Home Autour du Monde.

A closet in the hall

A built-in closet was placed on one of the hallway walls leading to the bedrooms. The opposite wall was painted in two different shades, from Ressource Paintings. Japanese calendar with Mount Fuji, painted by the master of Japanese engraving, Katsushika Hokusai.

Custom furniture separates the kitchen from the dining room

At one end of the room the dining room was installed, close to the kitchen. An original carpentry furniture, designed by the owners, separates both spaces, multiplies the storage and lets the light circulate freely. Mesa, by Atelier Bulle. Chairs, of the Emma Rags. Lamp shade and cherry blossoms, by Adeline Klam.

Hints of color in the kitchen

The white tiles of the kitchen rejoiced with blue tiles, typical of the subway, coming from an antique dealer in southern France. A very chic retro touch that matches the collection of old teapots on the shelves.

Mix of colors in the baby's room

In Ulysse's bedroom, a wall combines mauve paint with floral Japanese paper, made with mulberry fibers, which here becomes wallpaper.

Custom closet in the bedroom

The couple designed this practical closet that, made to order, frames the double bed. On the wooden frieze, which acts as a headboard, the wall painted in a peach tone stands out. The master beam, in sight, was painted white, like the ceiling panels. Bedding, from Livette la Suissette.

Original bedside tables

In the master bedroom, the white walls and furniture coexists with pastel tones that provide a relaxing atmosphere. On both sides of the double bed two niches painted in turquoise blue and lined with Japanese paper were arranged, as a mini bedside tables.

Bathroom and laundry

The white tiles of the bathroom have been mixed with others in a water-green tone, matching the washbasin cabinet, with drawers and a washing machine hole.

Plane and decorative ideas

- The marked objective for the owner couple it was "to decorate a house that defined them". And they have succeeded! The white walls, matching the furniture, are animated with pastel tones or wallpaper to highlight certain areas.

- In small houses, Space optimization is essential. They have solved it by designing their own furniture, which later a carpenter has made a reality, such as the bookcase that separates the living room from the kitchen, the closet that surrounds the bed and the shelf / showcase of the master bedroom.

- Retro style predominates in furniture, from antique dealers, charities or the wonderful Parisian markets.

- Respect the original structures, They offer old houses, gives good results. Like here, where beams and wooden slats on the roof provide a warm atmosphere.

- The decoration It was run by Adeline, a crafts enthusiast. These proliferate with pleasure throughout the house: garlands, screens
of lamps or cushions.