Animals at home

Animals at home

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Adapting to everyday life is hard for our pets. Supplement the long hours we spent outside with walks and activities; help them fight boredom with toys; Give him a balanced diet and don't miss "an extra love".
Kiwoko tips.

The kings of the jungle

This is how the smallest of the house will feel in your room, having these stuffed animals by your side.

The English Court

Elephant and zebra head, perfect for hanging, from The English Court, € 29.95 / cu. They are super loving!

The art of the natural

Posterloungue offers you a great selection in paintings, photographs and illustrations of artists from all over the world. Print on poster, canvas and wood and customize
your walls with a lot of style and for little money.

Vintage Birds Poster, from € 9.95, at Posterloungue

Welcome your guests with the best guardian of the house.

Coconut fiber doormat, 5,90 € from Maisons du Monde. Wow! Maisons du Monde