I'm going to rent! Keys to rent cheaply and safely

I'm going to rent! Keys to rent cheaply and safely

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Set in advance the cap to pay by the House. Experts recommend that the Monthly payment does not exceed 30-40% of family income, to be able to meet the rest of the expenses and unforeseen expenses. Negotiate the conditions with the owner and make it clear who pays expenses such as the neighborhood community or possible deterioration. Study the area thoroughly, both services and neighbors. Compare prices and deal directly with the owner, without intermediaries.


Garage. Think about whether you are going to need a parking space. If so, include it as an expense more than the monthly rent and keep in mind that you will get a better price if you rent together (housing with garage). If you are only going to use it at certain times, you can take advantage of it, renting it for hours, provided that in your contract the sublease is specified. Very useful in areas near offices.
Bond. When you go to rent a house, you have to have an extra bonus, the deposit. According to the Law of Urban Leases "at the time of entering into the rental contract, the requirement and the provision of a cash deposit in an amount equivalent to a monthly rent in the rental of housing" will be mandatory. At the end of the contract it will be returned to you.
Obligations of the landlord. Negotiate your contract well and review it with a specialist to save you money. Unless the agreement says otherwise, the owner pays the IBI, the neighborhood community, the garbage fee, the house insurance and maintenance insurance such as the boiler. It also pays the faults of the washing machine, boiler, etc., except when it is a minimum breakdown (such as a filter) or if it is proven that the fault of the tenant. Therefore, before entering to live, write down and look with the owner, all the damages of the house and demand that you repair them before.


If for your economic situation you cannot rent an apartment alone, Looking for a partner. Better if you are totally confident and with a lifestyle similar to yours, you will feel more at ease. In addition to the rental price, you can share other expenses, such as internet, telephone, food ...

A good option is to search unfurnished houses. Only 30.6% of the flats in the market are empty, but their price drops to 40%. Then look for second-hand furniture, inherited or in stores with low prices.


Find out well in your Autonomous community of the requirements to be fulfilled for the rental assistance of the funds for the 2018-2021 Housing Plan, especially
If you are under 35, over 65, evicted or are part of a family with special characteristics. The City halls They also have official protection aids and housing.

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