In this 70 m2 apartment you will fall in love with the details and the light

In this 70 m2 apartment you will fall in love with the details and the light

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Patricia Gallego /

With only one window and a small window this floor is full of light. And with an irregular surface, 70 m2, the space seems twice as big. There is no magic that is worth it: it has made it possible an excellent architectural project and a good
Decorative approach

Singular pieces stand out in a deco that mixes modern elements, vintage and rustic, like the wooden staircase or the wicker basket, of Los Peñotes. The colorful cushions are from A Loja do Gato Preto. Patricia Gallego /

The owners commissioned the integral reform of the house to the study of architecture and design Álvarez Sotelo under very clear premises: make profitable
All square meters and enhance clarity a lot. In addition, they wanted to turn the kitchen into the nerve center, the one on which the family day-to-day revolves.

Earth and solar colors paint the room, arranged on two parallel fronts. On one side, the sofa, and on the other, two yellow armchairs create a mini seating area. They are accompanied by a side table with tray top, Los Peñotes, and pouf, by Gancedo, like the carpet. The idea has been to free the center of the room so that the light flows and extend the view to the beautiful terrace. Patricia Gallego / Glass and metal objects make up a beautiful still life on the coffee table. Patricia Gallego /

The starting point was a distribution without partitions or doors, which would unify common environments. The same surface meets living-dining room and kitchen. And a sliding door, located behind the set of yellow seats of the living room, communicates the triple atmosphere with the bedroom.

Shrub varieties, from Leroy Merlin, give privacy and freshness to a small terrace. A couple of carpets, a small table and two armchairs - in this case, Los Peñotes - are enough to create a pleasant outdoor area and prolong the living room outside. Patricia Gallego /

All spaces receive clarity from the terrace. This space is not only the main "provider" of natural light, it is also a plant, a "lung" that extends it to the outside.

Modern version of a very fashionable model. This one, in large size, is from Lou & Hernández. Patricia Gallego /


The choice of low furniture with a glossy finish and in white, sand, toasted - dotted with yellow - enhances the fluidity; also expands the meters

The kitchen open-concept It is part of the living room. In order not to break the decorative continuity and take advantage of storage areas, a large custom furniture-separator was made with cabinets on both sides: one accessible from the dining room and the other from the kitchen. The watch Eye clock, by George Nelson for Vitra, and a wading bird, from A Loja do Gato Preto, spark between environments. Patricia Gallego / The appliances go unnoticed from the living room, so instead of a refrigerator, two modules were chosen to fit under the counter. Patricia Gallego / The design of the dining room furniture facilitates movement. On the table, ceramic piece of Los Peñotes. The chairs have been dressed in furs. Patricia Gallego /

As for the decoration, the importance of the accessories is evident when it comes to transforming a simple space into an "author" house. No need to resort to luxury finishes or furniture. It is more than enough to use pieces as they fit into difficult areas, "special" objects that surprise, and textiles that wrap ... to put a personal and different stamp. This house is the best example.

Bedspread and bed cushions fill the bedroom with color and dynamism. They are from A Loja do Gato Preto. The pouf and the carpet, by Gancedo. Patricia Gallego / The sink has been embedded in a drawer cabinet. It is separated from the shower by a sliding screen. The bidet and the toilet are hidden behind the Mallorcan door. Patricia Gallego / The house has less than 70 m2 and an irregular floor, but it is very well profitable. The kitchen opens to the living room and receives the light from the terrace. The bathroom is divided into two areas and the bedroom has been oriented towards the window.