A room decorated in blue and lime

A room decorated in blue and lime

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Jorge Quintans devised the distribution of this bedroom giving priority to the usual in these ages: a study space and an extra bed in case a friend stays.

Advertising - Keep reading under Nest bed and shelf shelves

The walls painted in a lime color and the furniture in blue are a reflection of the vitality that Mateo wastes. Garland, from Under the Tree.

As a bedside table

In a corner, the trundle bed was arranged together with a practical shelf shelf that serves as a bedside table. Cama, from Alejandra's Site. Ikea bookcase and lamp.

Cabinets front

The fronts of the built-in wardrobe were painted white, matching doors and windows. Portraitby Maruka Fuster.

Chairs in aged finish

In the center of the room, and on a colorful carpet, the study area was set up consisting of a simple table and two iron chairs in aged finish. Chairs, from the East. Carpetfrom Berberia.

Matching bedding

Green bedspread and cushions, from Coordonné. Plaid, from Zara Home.

Deco to your liking

It gives personality to the youth bedrooms with an original decoration, such as the creations made in wire that Mateo likes so much. Wire pieces, from Sur Le Fil.

Tailored furniture

It is important to get in place when equipping your room. Mini-sized models allow them to be autonomous, get on and off without help and learn faster. Vertbaudet metal chair (€ 51 / two).

Room layout plan

1. REST AREA. In a corner and attached to the wall, the bed was placed without a headboard and filled with cushions. A nest type model was chosen because at these ages it is normal for a friend to sleep.
2. STUDY AREA. It was placed in the center of the room to facilitate freedom of movement. It is formed by a round table and a pair of chairs, which rest on a carpet. At the end of the daily duties, the table and chairs can be removed to a corner and thus leave free space so that Mateo and his guests can play on the floor, comfortable and warm.
3. STORAGE. It was solved with a built-in wardrobe and placed at the foot of the bed, with a bookcase that serves as a bedside table and a chest of drawers, to match the bookcase, to store books, toys and of course, artillery of little machines!