Whims for our pets

Whims for our pets


Post-vacation tips and elegant necklaces

The return to the routine requires an adaptation of the pets and their specific attention, whether they travel with us or if they stay with other people. Gradually retake, firmly, your habits: regulate your hours and amounts of food; resume normal physical activity; Look at his mood and take it to the vet.

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Well fresh daily

Cats tend to drink little water, so you have to be especially careful to always keep them hydrated.

One way to motivate them is with this 3-speed fountain, which filters the water and keeps it clean and fresh. In addition, it is portable and you can take it everywhere, € 29.99, of

To eat!

Buy the amount of food needed for a month at most and keep it isolated from moisture, oxygen and direct sunlight.

Ib Laursen Ib Laursen

The metal containers are perfect: container and feeder, 7,9 € / cu, by Ib Laursen.

But how fun!

These animals will fill the children's room with light and they will feel accompanied by these dinosaur and butterfly lamps.

Zara Home

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