How to renew the image of your kitchen?

How to renew the image of your kitchen?

Dr Advertising - Keep reading under Blackboard for errands

The walls give a lot of play with creative ideas. Renew some and your kitchen will be another, as was done here with a framed slate to write the errands and the shopping list, and an auxiliary shelf, but super useful. Another idea to consider in this Line 3 kitchen, designed by Steven Littlehales: the countertops, from the Levantina firm, on two levels and different materials, granite Portobello of Naturamia, with 8 cm thick, and porcelain Anthracite from Techlam. The hoods are from Elica.

Storage area with smooth front

In kitchens integrated in the living room, the storage area is usually designed with smooth fronts, from floor to ceiling, to harmonize with the rest of the decoration. But leaving an open area for utensils, small appliances and utensils of more use, has the great advantage of quick access and if the order is maintained, the pieces also decorate, as in this kitchen, Colombini.

Multi-purpose cart with wheels

Who has an auxiliary furniture, has a treasure. They are almost always carts for fruits and vegetables where practicality prevails over design; but you can aspire to more. Renew your kitchen with one of current and versatile style, which is useful to have on hand dressings, breakfasts, preserves ... Model cart Ristatorp, for sale in Ikea. It is made of steel and measures 39 x 57 x 86 cm (€ 59.99).

Organized pantry

With baskets and shelves the chaos ends; A good solution is that they are part of a zipper type system, which allows varying the height of the pantry shelves according to needs. Composition Algot, from Ikea, in steel; with five shelves and
measures 0.45 x 0.40 x 1.96 m (€ 84.50)

Sink with wooden cutting board

Beware of the impeccable kitchens that just
Being cold as laboratories. He uses wood and fiber accessories to complete his look because they are materials that convey warmth: tables, utensils, trays, baskets ... Plants will also make the environment more vivid. Sink, by Franke.

Curtains with simple country print fabrics

To give the kitchen a charming and rustic look, the curtains are perfect. In most of the windows, those made with simple fabrics that evoke the rural essence are impeccable. Greengate signature textiles have a print country,
that fits into this style, they also coordinate with their
ceramic pieces of kitchenware.

Lighting under the cabinets

It improves the lighting of the work area with linestras placed under the high cabinets, providing a homogeneous and regular light. A plus in this kitchen, the crystalline surface that protects the two fronts, one of them covered with paper. The most eco option is the LED linestra, with independent ignition. Furniture, by Santos. Silestone worktop, in Lesmo Marbles. Project by the architect Mª José Navarro

Tray and jugs

The utensils well placed in cupboards and shelves is decorative, provided that it is correct with the arrangement of the pieces. Here are some clues: escape from saturation, group by colors, play with the volumes, leave space around the most beautiful ... Rice: tray (from € 12.50), jugs (from € 19.90 each) and glasses (€ 4.40 each).

Fabric with fishing motifs

Standard kitchens just convey a sense of home. Therefore, decorate yours with something that reflects your lifestyle. The fabrics, with their wide variety of motifs, are inspiring: fishing, countryside, coast, outdoors ... Upholstery River fish, from Voyage for Gancedo, in linen and cotton (€ 110.90 / m)

Kitchen in white and red

Change only the fronts of the furniture if the set is set apart, but the structures are in good condition and the interior layout is still practical. Another option is to replace only high cabinets, but without looking for the same tone as the lower ones because it will be difficult. Here, the white and red duo has character; In addition, white doors with three-dimensional surface create a dynamic play of light and shadow. From Ikea: kitchen Method; white doors Herrestad (€ 70 each); steel shelf Botkyrka (€ 24.99); table Docksta (€ 199) and chairs Erland (59, 99 € each)

Tap that limits the flow

Changing the old faucet means reducing water consumption, because most current models are designed to limit flow. But also, gain functionality. The tap Sit down, by Jacob Delafon, has adjustable spout and removable hand shower with jet, rain and pause options. In addition to being manual, it is electronic, and it is enough to pass your hand in front of your sensor to activate the water outlet. It is a hands free (€ 715).

Synthetic red countertop

Did you know that synthetic countertops are made in many colors? Changing only the countertop for another of a vivid tone will give more life to the kitchen. And if it goes on, you can win an office, as was done in this environment by projecting a high bar for breakfast. Countertop, by Compac. Decorative bell, from Siemens. Balay oven and microwave. Tile and porcelain stoneware, from Keraben.