A natural Christmas ornament

A natural Christmas ornament

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This step by step is simple and very colorful. It is about decorating the dining room at Christmas and preparing it for all those family gatherings and with friends that we are going to have at this time around the table. In addition to a very personal touch and a creative idea, we incorporate poinsettia, the quintessential Christmas flower, into our decoration.

Photos provided by Stars for Europe.

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We will make some ornaments for the dining room chairs, which will surprise our guests at Christmas lunches and dinners for their originality and color. They can also stay during all the holidays. It is about hanging these ornaments from the chairs.

East do it yourself It is a proposal of Stars for Europe to wear poinsettias at Christmas.


We need: some mini poinsettias, in this case in red. Moss, cone-shaped metal containers, Christmas ornaments, ribbon, colored decorative wire, pliers and a hot silicone gun (served with a few drops of another glue type contact glue).

Step 1

The first thing is to remove the mini poinsettia from its pot and wrap it in natural moss.

Photo courtesy of Stars for Europe.

Step 2

We introduce the plant in the metal container. Here a metal cone has been used but you can use zinc cubes, if it is easier to locate them. The most important thing is that the container you use, whatever it is, has enough space for the soil from the roots of the plant.

Step 3

Now we cut the red decorative wire in this case. Cut a strip long enough to wrap the chosen container around with several turns. Leave a piece on top to attach the arrangement to the back of the chair or place a hook to hang it.

Step 4

Finally, decorate the container with textile tape in the same tones and hang some Christmas ornament from the strip (ball, star, snowflake ...).

Idea: place labels with the names of the
guests and use this ornament as marcasites.