Rice: versatile, healthy and rich

Rice: versatile, healthy and rich

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Thorsten Suedfels

Important source of energy, minerals and fiber, rice can be taken alone, in classic elaborations, or in desserts. And it is also excellent if you want to include in a light and healthy diet. Depending on how the grain is, the rice will be used in some dishes or others with greater success.
How to choose the type of rice?
In those preparations in which it is sought to be loose and firm, long and fine grain rice is better. Also if you are going to saute with oil. Traditional dishes, such as paella or casserole rice, are luxurious with medium-grain varieties, since they absorb flavors very well. The round, however, that releases a lot of starch when cooked, is perfect for sweet rice and desserts: the dishes are super unctuous. The one used for sushi is a very glutinous special rice, so that it is caked.


Miriam Yeleq

Basmati Originally from the Himalayas, it is very aromatic and the most used in Indian cuisine. Great for salads and as a side dish.
Integral. It has few fats, vitamins B and E and high amount of fiber, since it retains its shell, hence the brown color.
Wild. It is dark and thin, with delicious flavor and crunchy texture. Absorbs large volume of water and "spreads" a lot. You can mix it with Basmati, or use it to fill meats.
Arboreal. Italian, is the rice of the rissotos and glutinous rice, with it you get a creamy texture and a lot of flavor
Bomb. Suitable for paellas, rice stews and stews. You have to cook it at its point and consume it immediately, to prevent it from softening.
Red. It is named for its natural pigmentation present in its husk or bran. Try to prepare vegetarian dishes, such as hamburgers and burritos ... it will surprise you.
Nerone With antioxidant properties and intense flavor. You will enjoy it more if you cook it alone and accompany it with some sauteed vegetables.
Vaporized It does not pass or stick thanks to a process that removes part of the starch but preserves vitamins and mineral salts. In addition, it absorbs less fat than other types.

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Not everyone needs the same time. In summary:
Long grain It requires relatively long cooking, from 16 to 20 minutes. Of this type are the Basmati and Jasmine. The integral, the wild, the nerone and the red, too. In the first three cases the time is even longer, 30-40 minutes, and with the nerone you should use more water and increase cooking. In the vaporized, with about ten minutes enough.

Medium grain Very used in our gastronomy. The Bomb or the Carnaroli They are two varieties. The cooking time is similar to that of long white grain.

Short grain: Round, with grains that cake together. The Arborio rice It is within this group. It takes between 14 and 20 minutes, to get to the exact point.

"Schall, Ewgenija"

INFO If you want it to be more tasty, instead of water, cook the rice in vegetable stock, meat or fish.

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Thorsten Suedfels

Once the broth has been thrown into the rice and leveled everything with the spoon, it should not be removed more. Otherwise, the starch is released and it influences that the cooking point is adequate.