A single family ... very familiar

A single family ... very familiar

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Enjoying her precious moments of leisure in the garden, watching the children run around outdoors or preparing dinner with friends by candlelight are dreams come true for Isabel after a long search that took her to the house of her life: is spectacular garden house located in a residential area near Madrid.

Its plant is simple: a single height with a regular structure of three rooms which, thanks to the natural light that enters through the large windows and the magnificent views over the garden, is enriched to the fullest. A very valuable quality that intensifies by dispensing with curtains and blinds with the clear intention of blurring the border between the living area and the porch. They are all very studied and balanced spaces, decorated in natural tones with a predominance of wood and plant fibers in an attempt to highlight the presence of the garden in each environment.

There are many modern and colorful winks that so much life and personality print, especially in the children's bedroom and in the game room, both rooms that can boast style and functionality. This same concept was moved to the kitchen and bathrooms, furnished and tiled in white, and seasoned with full color strategic details as a resource to grant depth and personal seal. Characteristics applicable to all corners of this house, which distills positive energy in each of its environments.

Advertising - Keep reading below Outdoor lounge

The porch approach makes this space an extension of the living room; It is an outdoor living area protected by a roof and curtains that allow it to be available throughout the year. There are many sunny days that winter gives us.

Wooden bench and coffee table, by Maisons du Monde. White painted cane armchairs, from Becara. Cushions, from Los Peñotes and Filocolore.

Centerpieces for summer

In the garden the decoration relaxes, natural materials and refreshing colors prevail. Braided fiber baskets and metal lanterns triumph as inspiration in the summer season.

Summer Dining

Next to the porch, part of the lawn was covered with wood slats treated against moisture and river stones, perfect for locating a large summer dining room. It was completed with some ideal pots for aromatic plants.

Table, bench and chairs, purchased at Ikea. Striped cushions, tablecloth and utensils are from Los Peñotes. Wood slats, from Aki.

The hall

The children also have a place in the decoration of the house, of course, and there are their chairs for both the living area and to take them to the garden. Well placed in the hall they put a funny note that does not disturb the rest of the interior design.

Couple of consoles, of Trades of Yesterday. Planters and plants, Los Peñotes. Carpet, old.

Flowers to decorate

A composition with fresh flowers in small combined containers fill any corner with joy. They are coquettish and refreshing details that allow mixtures of flowers and vases of all kinds.

A coordinated

The gathering area was located next to the window, with seats on all fronts: two angled sofas, an armchair and an upholstered bench that closes the space.

The sofas were custom made by an upholsterer. Coffee table, House and Field. Upholstered bench, of Becara. Cushions, by Filocolore

An integrated dining room

The dining room actually occupies a passage area, although quite spacious, so the table was placed parallel to the wall with the objective
to favor circulation.

Dining table and chairs in natural wood and rust-finished iron, by Becara. In the foreground, on the coffee table, vases and candle holders, from Los Peñotes.

Bookcase or sideboard?

A careful combination of paintings related to the table and the most decorative tableware pieces alternate in the library area that coincides with the dining area. A fantastic solution that largely solves the absence of the sideboard.

A bookstore in the dining room

A setback was perfect for installing lacquered flowered shelves in the tone of the wall. It is the ideal solution to have a bookcase and a sideboard absolutely integrated in the dining room.

Table and chairs, from Becara. On the table red vases in various heights and glass center, Los Peñotes.

Mold Composition

Simply colorful wallpapers can be worthy of framing decorative moldings and decorating a wall with great grace. These lucid squares are sold already mounted in Nordal.

A kitchen cpn office in white and orange

On a complete white base the kitchen receives this dining room with a marked retro air, although it looks fresh thanks to the orange chosen for the chairs.

Dining table and ceiling lamp, from Ikea. The chairs come from the Car Möbel firm.

A porch in the kitchen

Under the belief that any corner of the garden can be special outdoor furniture, accessories, lighting and seedlings were chosen with great care. The result is spaces as coquettish and achieved as this environment created next to the kitchen window.

Banco, from Madrid in Love.

Room for two

Iñigo and Inés, even being of different sex and age, love to share a room at bedtime, feel more accompanied and rest better. Placing the beds at an angle was a good solution.

Bedding for sale in Texture and Zara Home. The sisal rug is from Leroy Merlin.

Playground and study area

As an idea to keep everything in perfect order, the office and the game room share a room. A great idea to clear the toy bedroom as long as the children's work schedules and leisure time do not match.

Metal office table, Casa & Campo. Silla, by La Oca. Ikea ladder toy. The table and children's stools are from Zara Home Kids.

Your private shelter

The dimensions of the garden made it possible to build a wooden house; yes, elevated to isolate it from the cold. It has space inside to play and a funny porch like those of real houses.

Rest in roses

The master bedroom has a small space that serves as a dressing room, and a bathroom.

Bedding and pillows, from Filocolore.

Very spacious bathroom with natural light

In tune with the rest of the house, here the base is also neutral and textiles and accessories, responsible for introducing a light touch of color.
Towels, from Filocolore.

Washi tape fever

These decorated paper adhesive tapes are the last shout in DIY. In this case they are excellent for customizing the bathroom shelves to match the flower birds.

Housing plan and ideas

The importance of color

- On the chromatic base of all the environments predominate the very clear neutral tones and the whites as a resource to enhance the fabulous natural light that the house possesses. Also the bathrooms and the kitchen were tiled and painted in white following this same criterion.
- In contrast to the prominence of light tones, full-color details appear scattered here and there. It is a subtle chromatic bet that brings depth and dynamism with great success in the different environments both inside and on the porch or garden.