A flat with loft airs

A flat with loft airs

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Joy and stillness complement each other in this Mallorcan apartment through a decoration that uses visual order, unity in interior design and continuity of environments to create calm and clean atmospheres, but with stimulating combinations of materials, which provide warmth. The neutral colors, the flagship of the house, are the background in this residence, inhabited mainly during holiday periods, and provide an irrefutable sense of calm.

The Cotacero Architecture Workshop He proposed a functional rehabilitation, which revolves around the diaphanous spaces, communicated visually in a linear distribution in which the kitchen, located in the central axis, distributes the area by day to one side and that by night to another. The living is situated at one end, overlooking the Gardens of the Almudaina Palace. In the success of the project they collaborate in equal parts the solutions of custom furniture, which make the space profitable, and the materials that cover the floor, ceiling and walls, some in original stone of Marés recovered in the rehabilitation.

Following the island where the sink is located, a warehouse module has been created as a pantry, which also hides the washing machine and delimits the most private area of ​​the house. The bathroom is distributed in three areas: toilet, shower and sink, distributed in different spaces in a set of steps. Two accesses to the bedroom manifest the freedom of movement offered by the distribution, an original solution that enhances the feeling of openness and integration in other areas, without sacrificing the necessary privacy in each of them, and that allows natural light to be distributed in the environments that occupy the central part of the plant.

Advertising - Keep reading below A balanced reform

In this project, calm environments prevail, oriented towards contemplation, rest and family life. Wood, brick, white background, natural fibers and cotton textiles are coordinated until they merge with each other in a set that rests in total calm.
Kivik sofa, from Ikea. On the sofa, a work by the artist Miguel Moragues.

Key pieces in the lounge

It is increasingly common to use auxiliary seats to complete a seating area. Its versatility is undeniable. You can say that poufs have revolutionized the concept of seating.
This original metallic design tin pouf with red cushion, is from Pococomún store.

A cheerful lounge

The professionals of the Cotacero Architecture Workshop, in charge of the rehabilitation of this house, recovered original walls, made with the traditional Mallorcan stone of Marés. On sight on several fronts, this rustic essence finish enhances the magic of an ultra-fresh and natural decoration.
Floor lamp, from Ikea.

The charm of textiles

The fabrics enrich in an amazing way thanks to the cushions, blankets and carpets. In this neutral set they do not add color notes but nuances of textures.
Cushions: in colors, Texan finish and the smaller one, by Lu Ink. With blue stripes, from the India & Pacific store. Stamped in blue, by Rialto Living.

Dining room without spatial restriction

In the reform it was decided to demolish some partitions so that the environments followed one another. In the choice of furniture, basic and essential pieces were preferred to provide comfort and practicality to this second residence. For this purpose, customized solutions were used, which are perfectly integrated.
Rattan poufs, carpet, curtains and fiber armchair, for sale in Ikea.

Table with secret compartments

Before a small house it is essential to look for ingenious warehouse solutions. In addition to the cabinets, get pieces that incorporate compartments. Ally with the organization!

Living room, dining room and kitchen online

The rectangular floor plan of this 70 m² apartment led to the linear distribution of the spaces, which follow one after the other with hardly any visual barriers, as shown in the image.

Warehouse space in the kitchen

A closet area was projected next to the access door to the house, which extends to one of the openings that connect to the bedroom. The success not to saturate the space: the simplicity of the fronts - in white, smooth, and with a simple steel handle.

Delicious details in the dining room

When a whole house is decorated with care, no aspect should be left to chance. Choose cloth napkins instead of paper napkins for special occasions. Combine them in pastel tones. It is the most in.
Household, by Rialto Living.

Kitchen furniture

detail of kitchen furniture, in line with the rest of the volumes of the house, designed by the architect and made of plywood marine board, finished in formica.

The bedroom, synonymous with peace

A simple and neat style dominates the only bedroom in the house. The light tones capture the light that enters through the window and offer a pleasant feeling of spaciousness and relief.
Bed, made by Espais de Fusta. Patchwork quilt, by Rialto Living. Cushions: red stripes, by Rialto Living. Stamped and the smaller one, by Lu Ink. Red lanterns, from Ikea

Low furniture in the bedroom

In small rooms choose low furniture, which does not lift many centimeters from the floor. In this bedroom the success is the pieces, the delicate complements and the combination of materials.
Lamp and carpet, from Ikea.

Shower cabin

In the area of ​​the bathroom the oak flooring in natural color, which covers the entire floor of the house, yields the place to the stone of Santanyí apomazada (a finish that is achieved by an abrasion process similar to that of polishing, but without reaching to get shine). This same material is extended in the shower cubicle, located in a setback of the plant and delimited by a glazed enclosure.
In the bathroom: toilets, Flaminia.

A passing bath

Between the two accesses to the bedroom, delimited by sliding doors of translucent glass, is the washbasin, conceived as a dressing area. This is behind a module that limits the kitchen. A mirror moon covers the front from the ceiling to the sink, in a minimal composition of straight lines.
Ikea chair. Taps, from the Hansgrohe firm.

Colors washed in the bathroom

If we are looking for a must on the catwalk for this season, the pastel tones and the washed colors are strongly positioned. They are perfect to get that soft air that we like so much.
Basket, towels and boats, for sale at the Zara Home store.

Plan and ideas of the reform

Freedom of movement Without partitions, the environments occur in this house in a linear manner. Thus, being the dining room is followed, attached to the kitchen, and this gives way to a distribution area in which the washing is located and from which you access the shower and the bedroom.