A house with a garden in the Gothic quarter

A house with a garden in the Gothic quarter

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Near the port, this Barcelona house allows you to enjoy the decoration and the outdoors in a fantastic garden and patio. The decoration is a refreshing and personal mix of different styles: classic, contemporary, vintage ... A curiosity: some furniture traveled directly from Bali.

The house is located in a pedestrian street, so it enjoys absolute tranquility in terms of noise, very close to the Ramblas.

High ceilings and exposed beams give a concrete style to the construction. In the day area, marked by light, a large dining room, which is at the same time a living area, integrated into the kitchen. The house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. From the kitchen and dining room you can access through two large windows with wooden carpentry to a rectangular garden of 100 square meters, where there is also a guest house, with two bedrooms and an additional bathroom.

This house is for sale on the Lucas Fox real estate portal.

Advertising - Keep reading below With exposed beams and lots of wood

The day area is comfortable and functional because of the chosen furniture and the predominance of wood both on the floor, as in the furniture and in the exposed beams and carpentry of the construction.

An open day area

An open space without dividing walls. This is the day area, a living room, dining room and kitchen. The dining room is the central axis, it is conceived as a meeting space.

Outer oasis

Garden area From here you can see the facade with two large windows.

At two heights

The dining area is tiled while the rest of the space has been decorated with grass and edges.

Outdoor dining

The dinner room.

A large dining table

View of the dining room and kitchen in a front. The furniture is current in white. The floor also delimits the work area since the wood of the living room is replaced by gray tile in the kitchen.

Same space, marked areas

On the table, two industrial style lamps. Here you can see the dimension of the dining table. Behind, attached to the wall, being with a chaise longue, a side table and an armchair.

From being to the hall

From the day area that has an extra luminosity thanks to the two large windows through which you access the garden there is a distributor hallway.


Detail of a branch with buds and flowers on the dining table.

The corridor in neutral and wood

The corridor with neutral paint and woodwork.

The garden

The garden has two heights. It is a rectangular open space of 100 square meters with seating to enjoy the outside and a dining area. It also has a guest house with two additional bedrooms and a bathroom.

In the background, "the house of the guests"

In the background you can see the construction that houses the guest bedrooms. You just have to cross the garden to reach them. In this way, independence and privacy for guests is total.

Garden detail

Garden detail

Double bedroom

All in neutral tones and wood.

Single room

Single room.

Guest room

One of the guest bedrooms.


One of the bathrooms in the house with a bathtub.

Bathroom with shower cabin

Bathroom with shower cabin.