How often do you have to change the sheets to have a healthy life?

How often do you have to change the sheets to have a healthy life?

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Every day, when we get ready to slip between the sheets to rest and give ourselves to Morpheus' dreams, we don't do it alone. They accompany us, without knowing it, dead skin cells, dust mites, dirt, sweat and other wildlife that, although we do not see, is there.

We spend a third of our life sleeping and, if we don't change the sheets frequently, what we think is a peaceful bed can become a nest of bacteria that, in addition to affecting our health, will make our skin look more impure. But, How often should we wash the bedding? It all depends on the environment you are in and your habits.

Míriam Yeleq

For the doctor specialized in hygiene Lisa Ackerley, you have to change them at least once a week and, every morning, we should air them, stretch them and let them ventilate with the window open so that they dry completely before preparing to make the bed. The microbiologist at the University of New York, Philip Tierno, points out that the frequency should be increased at two and three times a week Depending on our state of health and our bedtime habits: people who sleep naked, sweat a lot or are sick, are more exposed and tend to accumulate more microorganisms, so it will be necessary to increase the frequency of washing of sheets .

For its part, the mattress firm Eve Sleep points out that it is advisable to air the comforter and mattress once a year, and clean the pillows every three months, to prevent the proliferation of mites.

The temperature at which we wash the sheets is also an element to take into account. Although we tend to wash clothes at the minimum temperature, to avoid deteriorating it and save energy, it is important to remember that a 30º wash only eliminates 6% of bacteria. It is best to use 60º programs to ensure optimal cleaning.

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