10 wallpapers ... spring!

10 wallpapers ... spring!

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So that the walls enjoy spring with the same happiness as you, fill them with floral prints, bright colors, little birds ... and smile!

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A very exotic lounge where palm trees are the real queens!

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Intense pink

Between pink and red, this floral print wallpaper will give your living room more energy than a kilo of spinach!

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A happy house needs a living room with this wallpaper ... and an umbrella in case it starts to rain! Outside, of course ...

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In pink tones and with drawings reminiscent of an ancient era, what do you think?

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The jungle at home

Only suitable for daring! And you, would you put it in your living room?

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With cherries and an air vintage beautiful!

Buy now at Pip Studio.

With little birds

Perfect for a sweet and feminine salon.

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Color mosaics

With trees and mosaics in blue tones, the most original!

Buy now at Cole & Son.


An elegant and sophisticated salon deserves the company of these peacocks!

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To the rich cherry

Every time you see the wall of the room, you will want to peck the cherries like these little birds.

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