Total white, a house with fresh design

Total white, a house with fresh design

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In a block of flats in the upper area of ​​Barcelona, specifically in the district of San Gervasio, this house of 150 m² is located. Uninhabited for a long time, its doors opened to Barbara Aurell. The interior surrendered to its ingenuity to become what it is today: an apartment with open spaces and a waste of light. Style, design and a lot of white in appearance.

The starting point of the reform? Throw everything to start from scratch. The goal was create a comfortable flat, To enjoy day by day. An interview with its owners was enough for Aurell, of Blank study, will capture the needs and desires and let your imagination fly between partitions. Only the wooden windows of the building were preserved.

The result is eclectic but daring. The owners dare to mix and the interior design reflects this aspect of their personality. They wanted a lot of white. Wish granted. Another key premise? A great kitchen, a tribute to their profession: both are dedicated to the restoration.

Barbara Aurell, of the study Blank space (espacioenblancoestudio.com), is responsible for this youthful and casual project. As a professional with a long career, he defines spaces in a unique way to adapt them to the people who will live in them. Always up to date with the latest trends, Aurell is also leading the Blank Movement, a laboratory of ideas and trends, which carries out samples of painting, photography, sculpture and literature in order to combine the experience of artists and designers of the current panorama.

Advertising - Keep reading below With dressing room

This view shows the distribution of the bathroom, a rectangular floor space that also has a dressing room at the entrance. In the background, a spectacular shower for two.

Ode to white

A blank house. That was what the owners wanted when they put themselves in the hands of Barbara Aurell, of Espacio en Blanco, to transform a lifeless house into what it is today: a waste of luminosity, style, design and continuous spaces.

Walls, ceiling and floors are stained white, as well as most of the furniture. On the floor, painted white parquet.

Project Architect

This photograph puts a face on the project's architect, Barbara Aurell, of Blank Space. It is located at the entrance of the shower in the bathroom of the house.

Color sparks

In this corner of the house, suddenly, the brushstrokes of color burst. Like living scratches on the white, the chairs, the lampshades of the ceiling lamps and the bottles of the corner are colored.

Details to look at: the mini roof hanging garden in a corner above the colored bottles. The mirror on the wall, slightly inclined, increases the feeling of depth.

Table and chairs, by Antique Bputique. Plants, by Jaime Beriestain.

The bedroom

In this house nothing clashes. White also predominates in the bedroom. The bedside tables are two old designs, painted in white. Lamps, by Mercantic. The headboard that protects the wall is made to measure and upholstered in white linen.

On the wall, on the headboard, photography The Bath, by Silvia Serra (www.omnibus13.com).

Living room with work area

In the living room, at the bottom of the floor, a work area for two. On canvas total white only books on the shelves, the wood of the coffee table and the upholstery of the auxiliary seats, such as the Antrophologie armchair, brought from London, stand out.

The sofa was one of the furniture that the owners wanted to integrate into the decoration, next to some antique furniture.

Detail of the washbasin cabinet

In the area of ​​the sink, a mirror with gold frame, custom designed by the metalist José Durán, and retro wall taps in the same finish.

The faucet was acquired in Tono Bagno. The beveled coating was purchased in Vía Cerámica.

Inside the shower

Inside the shower, which keeps the same play of colors and motifs on the floor as the rest of the floor, a niche with shelves for boats and soaps.

The bathroom, another jewel of the house

This house has corners to enjoy and to point out. The bathroom is another one of them. All the furniture has been made designed by Blank space and made to measure.

It is at the same time dressing. Minimal details in black also coexist with golden sparkles that revitalize white.

(Almost) professional kitchen

The owners of this house, dedicated to the world of catering, needed a large kitchen. Almost projected as a professional space, it has a lot of work area, several refrigerators, a large sink, stoves and tall furniture completely open.

And if we look at the ceiling? Technical lights appear between the beams, of Dajor Lighting.

The dining room looks out the window

In this house the furniture style is eclectic, which allows mixing without stridency. There are pieces everywhere, acquired by the owners on their trips.

The dining room is located just in front of the window through which you access the terrace. The pleasure of enjoying a good meal with views is undeniable.

A custom terrace

Outside, the target also continues. On the floor a tricolor hecagonal tile covering, by Vía Cerámica.

The terrace sofa is made to measure by a cabinetmaker from Girona (Guixeres). The cushions have also been specially made for this design in rattan and white linen cotton, mixed with Zara Home cushions.

The lining also delimits

In the kitchen, the floor is a black and white mosaic that tries to sneak into the living room but disappears along the way. It is a ceramic wall covering.

The lamps in copper finish were purchased at an antique dealer in a French town.

On the table the light was made

To illuminate the evening, a lamp with three hanging lights with colored glass lampshades, from Antique Boutique.

In detail

Detail of the union between the mosaic tile of the kitchen floor and the living room wood. In the wall that delimits the kitchen you can see the retro switches.

Custom furniture

All kitchen furniture has been designed by Blank Space and custom made by a cabinetmaker.

The wooden countertop of some modules breaks the black and white dualism.

In this view you can see how the kitchen is delimited but open to the hall and the living room. Stoves and refrigerator, from Smeg.