Keys to give an autumnal and colonial air to your table

Keys to give an autumnal and colonial air to your table

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This table is inspired by Memories of Africa or the landscapes of the former colonies, captures its essence and reflects it in its colors, floral arrangements and pieces. Shades consistent with autumn and a style that will undoubtedly stand out in your meetings at home.

Animal Print, Earth colors or fibers are present in this composition in which there is also a lack of the highest tones in flowers and plants. Wood is also important here.

The Wedding Presume team (specialists in the organization of weddings and any type of event) proposes to give the table a colonial air. How about? And it is that in Wedding Presume they are convinced that a detail can change a space completely. An aspect shared by Arbolande -specialists in flowers and plants- and the photographer Julia Puig, also responsible for contributing their grain of sand to this composition.

Styling and organization: Wedding Presume.

Photos: Julia Puig, made in El Patio del Fisgón.

Flower arrangements: Arbolande.

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Colonial, autumnal or trend. All together, because this table is risky but warm, daring but fashionable. Animal Print in the crockery, surprising and colorful arrangements in the center of the table, again, wood and many details. Presumed wedding has created a composition that meets the keys to an evening ten.

An animal print dinnerware

A perfect composition: Animal Print in the dishes, each different dish, fiber mat, also glass in the dishes and glassware.

Tableware, Andrea Zarraluqui. Glassware and cutlery, from Memories of Yesterday. Signage, LeBlue.

The cutlery detail

A sophisticated touch on a "wild" table.

Mix of materials

One of the stalls: tableware combined in Animal Print and crystal and individual in dark fiber.

An original centerpiece

An original centerpiece raises the composition with its green and orange colors.

Exotic varieties

Exotic varieties to decorate the table. Take the opportunity to leave a message to your guests ...

On the wooden table

On the exposed wood, something rough, the posts. How about offering the menu on the plate?

Centerpiece with flowers and wood

Wood also in the centerpiece.

On the napkin ...

An animal on the napkin.

Along the table

The floral arrangement online in the center of the table.

Colors that lift the mood

Green and oranges with wood to lift a set in earth tones.

Without table linen

So that the wood also participates in the final set.

Exotic Floral Varieties On the whole How much originality!

Fresh flowers always dress the table, put the natural note, but also, with arrangements inspired by the style of decoration, you will succeed!