A Alicante house full of light

A Alicante house full of light

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The history of this house goes back to the 50s. With effort - at that time there was still no road in the area - the fishermen who built it were bringing successive boat trips to each of the materials they needed to lift it. Located in La Barraca Creek, in the Alicante town of Jávea, no architect supervised the works. The only advice that these seamen had was the accumulated experience generation after generation in building their humble homes. And there is no doubt that it was enough: more than half a century later, the building is still the first day.

The solidity of the house was an advantage for its current owners who entrusted the renovation to Jessica Bataille's studio. Being located on the beachfront, the house is protected by the Coastal Law, and nothing in it could be modified. Any reform or extension was therefore excluded. What was done, however, was a conditioning to enjoy comfort adapted to our times. The electricity and water installations were updated, and modern appliances were included in the kitchen, with the functionality and features of the 21st century.

The architectural elements, such as ceilings, beams, floor and windows They stayed. It was only necessary to review the finishes so that the house offered a renewed look. In fact, coatings play a fundamental role in interior decoration. The predominance of White color and the brush strokes in blue they draw a refreshing frame, in accordance with the serenity of the sea that enters the house through its windows, open to the Mediterranean. Inside, wood chairs with the power seat and accessories in natural fibers they evoke the traditional decoration of houses on the coast. A nod to the original home builders who, from their simplicity, created a solid home, whose spirit still lingers in time.

- Walls and facades they are coated with lime or white paint, always immaculate both inside and outside the house.
- The carpentry is made of wood, with slat doors and shutters. Its finish varies depending on the area: blue, green, dark brown ... Roller blinds or esparto blinds located on exterior windows and doors, protect the interior of the house from heat and direct sun.
- The soils evoke natural materials and refreshing, such as baked clay or stone.

Jessica Bataille's study:

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The blue shutters and frame frame the landscape. The old table, in teak painted in white, together with the simplicity of the recovered chairs and the stools of enea, yield the decorative prominence to the outside.

White facade and blue carpentry

The house is located in La Barraca cove, in Jávea, where the coast is protected by the Coastal Law. The white facades and blue carpentry are hallmarks common to all homes. The exterior decoration, of clear Mediterranean style, harmonizes with the natural vegetation, which extends to the edge of the sea.

Fiber details

Beams on the ceiling, walls, doors ... The interior of the house was painted in a dazzling white color, which brings luminosity and freshness to the house. The fiber details - the ceiling lamp, the hats, the carrycot next to the fireplace and the coffee table - add warmth to the environment. Ceiling lamp, by Montgo Verd. The hats were purchased in the town Gata de Gorgos and the table, made in wicker, in a rake.

Ledge over the fireplace

With its different backgrounds, the mantelpiece over the chimney that protrudes a few centimeters from the wall, and the niche that goes into the wall, gives a feeling of dynamism. In both, the surfaces covered with stoneware, like the floor, break the chromatic uniformity of the wall and add decorative interest to the seating area.
Capazo, acquired in Gata de Gorgos. The blanket is from H&M.

Ceiling light

The antique sofa, reupholstered in white, the fluffy cushions and the Moroccan kílim, make up a cozy atmosphere. Have you noticed the rustic chair? Its white painted structure contrasts with the enea seat. The idea, original, is also spectacular with dusty chalk paintings. Cushions: geometric black and white, from H&M; and prints
with ethnic motifs, from Particolare.

Wooden shelving

In the dining area, a shelf attached to the wall performs the same function as a sideboard, but takes up less space. White, it melts with the wall and is visually light. From their shelves, the bright and semi-gloss surfaces of cups and glasses enrich the whole. Pine wood shelf painted in white and ceramic in the same tone, by Jessica Bataille. The jug is from Guille García-Hoz.

Rake shelf

In the middle of a kitchen completely decorated in white color - countertop, brick furniture, cupboard and even the shelf over the sink -, the blue-painted carpentry outlines doors and windows, which thus become protagonists of the decoration. Rack, of a rake. Ceiling lamp, by Montgo Verd. Capazo, recovered from El Rastro de Jalón.

Straw hat

The predominance of white color enhances the effect of depth in the home. It is a chromatic nexus that starts on the sofa in the living area and extends to the bedroom. A small detail enhances the feeling of continuity between the environments: the straw hat, in the background, is identical to those that decorate the living room wall.

Wicker bedside table

The designs made with enea, wicker and rattan add a touch of naturalness. Common as outdoor furniture in any house, and indoor in second homes, they have now become fashionable in urban flats.

View pipe

In the bathroom, three elements attract attention: the water pipe, in sight and with copper finish; the aged wooden frame mirror, set at the same height as the pipe; and finally, the original towel rail with a branch.
Towel rack and old photograph placed on the cistern, by Jessica Bataille. The mirror is from the Thai Natura firm.

Blue carpentry

Chairs next to the door threshold. It is a typical summer custom of mountain and coastal villages. At dusk, the enea seats - lightweight, to move them easily - are taken outside to enjoy the cool.

Photo and resin coral

Details of yesteryear. Organize a still life with those memories that pass from generation to generation: photographs, postcards, magazines, hats ... Photo and resin coral, by Jessica Bataille. Tiles with numbers, recovered.

White finish

Most rustic or beach houses have work furniture in natural finish. A hand of paint in the same tone of the wall, if we want to integrate it into it, or in a contrasting color, will update the furniture and give a new air to the environment.

Textured cushions.

The bed and sofa have always been completed with designs in which color and print were the key. Today, embroidery, fringes, accounts and embossed applications are added to these criteria.

Imitation coral

Sustainable imitations For years, the capture of corals, sawfish and other varieties used in decoration is prohibited. Look for imitations: they are very successful and respect the ecosystem.