Tourist rental apartments: For or against?

Tourist rental apartments: For or against?

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Little by little, tourist rental apartments and flats They have become the preferred option for many travelers who want to spend their holidays in an intimate and private environment, feeling like another citizen, observing and applying the customs of the place. So far, everything perfect.

But far from the idyllic situation posed by the concept of this type of accommodation, hotels are the main victims. Day after day, your reservations are affected by customers who end up choosing to stay at apartments and apartments for rent, instead of doing it in their rooms.

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The main problem? The lack of legal regulation. And we are not saying that tourist apartments and apartments are a problem in itself, it is the absence of control that ends up presenting an unbalanced panorama, affecting the hotel sector.

However, travelers who prefer to stay in hotels, suppose a loyal clientele That will rarely change its mind. More than anything, because the services offered in the hotels are not found in the rental apartments.

On the other hand, the risk of renting a home to one or more strangers for such a short period of time is extremely high., even more so if the procedure is not legally regulated. In addition to facing possible damage or theft, there is also the issue of altercations and problems with neighbors. Voices, noises, parties ... An explosive cocktail that can end the peace of the building, turning the life of the community into a real nightmare.

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