A Christmas in white and gold

A Christmas in white and gold

You are right, Christmas is coming. It is the time of the year with more intimate and familiar appointments and also the one in which the house is decorated. Make key changes to create more glamorous environments, Always consistent with your personality. Highlights some furniture with deco details ad hoc, decorate the walls and windows with chic ornaments, make a centerpiece ... It is not worth removing the ornaments from last year and placing them without any grace. Do you need ideas? Look for them here and start by answering this question: what color will be the protagonist this year?

Risky but ... It's time to dress the table with elegance. Some of the household items are delicate, so make sure you don't leave them within reach of children and look for alternatives, such as melamine plates and acrylic cups / glasses with Christmas colors or motifs, from Zara Home Kids and Casa stores, or the disposable kitchenware, by Carrefour Home.

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Still lifes have a lot of charm; To give them a more Christmas point, introduce metallic details, but let it be in small doses. Chest of drawers (€ 909.50), lamp (€ 101.55), mirror (€ 295), reindeer figurines (from € 19) and white balls (€ 20/12 units). All of

Paper and scissors for a DIY Christmas

Paper ornaments handmade They are in full swing. Hanging from the tree, in its mini version and crafty, or ceiling in one size extralarge, like the pleated rosettes in the photo, which have been made with the wrapping paper Vintermys, for sale in Ikea (€ 2.99 / roll of 2 x 0.70 m).

More ideas… Tissue paper pom poms, garlands, snowflakes, flat or 3D stars, even crowns. You will find projects and tutorials in

Charming lighting

In a glass vase with a wide base, the white candle stands out more on a bed of coffee beans. A trick to last: put the candle two hours before in the freezer in a plastic bag. Other options for a decorative base: fat salt or sugar cubes. Lantern Jemelle, from Flamant, blown glass, handmade (€ 58).

Personal touch

You have very elegant dishes, but you think they are too much and do not fit the Christmas table ... It would be a shame if they stayed on the sideboard for another year! If this is your case, decorate them with a current detail or vintage, made by you, that subtracts sobriety: ribbons, raffia, labels or a small light ornament, easy to fix with double-sided tape.

This individual tureen, by Rivièra Maison, with a little house on the lid can inspire you ... (€ 22.95).

Neither hot nor ice cream

To keep the wine at the best temperature, while enjoying lunch / dinner, leave the bottles in an ice bucket, not forgetting a clean cloth that covers them so they don't drip. Model St. Barths, from Rivièra Maison (€ 119).

Vintage glasses

The toast moment can not be missing in a Christmas celebration. An idea to give a more glamorous look to the glasses: place them on a carved mirror, because it creates an effect of more volume and an extra shine.

French drinks set, from the forties (€ 199 / twelve in

Time flies ... Don't leave everything to the end

Fine glassware is unique to bring glamor to the party, so take it out of the window! Is it bright? Days before wash the glasses well. If you do it by hand, immerse them in a large bowl with hot water, vinegar and salt.

Then rinse with plenty of hot water. Rub the pieces with a clean cotton cloth, which does not release lint, when they are not yet completely dry. Cups Crystalline, from Swarovski, with gold-plated metal and crystal stems Golden shadow.