Original bookcase

Original bookcase


- 3 equal planks of wood.
- 32 wooden balls with holes.
- 3 m of rope (must pass through the holes of the balls).
- Spray paint.
- A carton.
- Skewer type wooden sticks.
- Diary paper.
- Metal rings.
- Drill.
- A container.
- Alcayatas.

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The function of this type of furniture is more decorative than practical, so it is ideal to avoid recharging them with a lot of weight. Light ornaments made of wood or coated paper will be perfect. Still, if you want to use it as a mini library,

Border painting

In a well ventilated space, paint the edges of the shelves. Lay the board on newspaper and cover it with cardboard so that it stands out slightly from the board. With the red paint can, spray the corners.

Blue painted

Take another board and paint it blue following the same technique. Use each side of the cardboard to paint a different color. Repeat the operation with the third shelf, which you will paint yellow. Let them dry.

Balls on each skewer

Enter 4 or 5 balls in each skewer and paint them colored. To avoid staining the table, line a deep bowl with newspaper. Support a skewer on top, ensuring that the balls are centered and slightly separated from each other. Spray while turning the skewer.

Ball drying

Repeat step 3 until you finish painting all the balls. When they are dry, remove and reserve.

Holes in the corners

Make two holes in the corners of each shelf. Divide the rope into two halves. Pass one of them through a hole in the first board, tightly knot one end of the rope down the bottom of the shelf.

Rope knotted

Mount the shelf alternating balls and shelves. Go through the rope 4 balls, the second shelf, another 4 balls and the third board. Enter a ring and alternate now shelves and balls. Knot the end of the rope below. Do the same operation with the other party. Level the shelves until they are straight. Place the alcayatas and hang it.

Wall placement

Remember that you must reinforce the alcayatas with plastic blocks.

Wrap the ends with ribbons

Wrap the knotted ends of the strings with colored ribbons, thus preventing them from falling apart by weight.